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Access Control and Security Management
ePortPass™ is a cloud-based mobile solution that allows security personnel to control and restrict access to all points of a facility in an easy to use, common sense, way. Though we offer a full range of access control solutions we donít just stop at the gate. Surveillance, alert sensors, security rounds, and reports are just a few items on the long list of security personnel duties. ePortPass™ provides the ability to†efficiently manage security operations†with real-time visibility. The resulting COP (common operating picture) of activity and incidents across a single or multiple locations is crucial in todayís heightened security environment.

Real-Time Awareness, Real-Time Visibility
We provide live-camera feeds, geo-location mapping services, and real-time messaging from both sensor technology and security personnel on the ground, enabling quality information to be dispersed amongst a security group. Offering this level of unprecedented†real-time situational awareness provides the proper command and control and instant response to incidents and issues of all kinds.

Alert System
Alerts are†generated in real-time from sensor technology and security personnel on the ground†that can be sent to many different devices using a variety of different methods, SMS, MMS, email, and voice as examples. All alerts are logged into the system for updates or searching event histories to adjust security protocols and identify & close security gaps.

Fully Customizable
ePortPass™ is fully customizable and adaptable to your needs. It will transform and evolve to meet ever-changing requirements and†adapt to new security protocols. ePortPass™ is the place to start to better manage security operations. Responding and adapting to your requirements you end with a tailored solution that meets your specific security needs with endless upgradable capability.

Incident Management
Within ePortPass™, an incident is a very detailed and fully featured alert. Using our Incident Management System, security personnel are able to remotely view incidents as they happen, geo-map the incident's position, share information with other security personnel, build reports from information gathered, and apply the appropriate level of security and response to the circumstance. As with alerts, real-time messaging is enabled and all incidents can be searched through various interfaces to provide management with the knowledge to†adjust security protocols and find & close security gaps.

Mobile Interrogation
Allow security personnel to take ePortPass™ technology to the event and provide defense in depth. The ability to challenge a potential intruder is†crucial in re-enforcing a facility's security. There is no substitution for a real personís sense that something is wrong. Using our mobile random challenge and Interrogation capability gives security personnel the ability to quickly verify and report something suspicious to every one who needs to know in real-time.

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