Patient Biometric Identification Healthcare Solutions
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ePortID™, Biometric Patient Identity Integrity

Positively Identify Patients
ePortID™ is an easy to use Biometric Patient Identification System utilizing palm vein scanning to identify a patient beyond a reasonable doubt. We have incorporated touch-screen technology to narrow the scope of biometric comparisons and virtually eliminate the false positive ratio. Our palm vein technology has afalse positive ratio of 0.00008%.

Provide The Right Care to the Right Patient
Our Healthcare Solution is totally mobile, allowing hospital personnel totake the technology to the patient. An unknown patient on a gurney in the Emergency Room or a patient awaiting surgery. ePortID™ enablespatient identification and verification prior to treatmentanywhere. This solution does not just exist at the front desk, it exists everywhere, throughout your organization.

Reduce Fraud
Healthcare fraud is a $100 Billion problem. ePortID™ helpseliminate this expenseby ensuring those requesting service are who they say they are and have the correct insurance information to match.

Reduce Errors
ePortID™ eliminates the duplicate name problem and medical overlaps and overlays.

Increase Patient Throughput
ePortID™ creates a fast lane by enabling patients to check themselves into the hospital or various departments using a very simple kiosk touch-screen interface. This reduces the burden on registration desks and the time it takes to fill in all of the paper work. Using our ePortID™, patients cancheck-in/register within a couple of minutes. Hospital personnel are freed up to spend more time on patient care as they no longer need to manually key or re-key information from forms often illegible or difficult to decipher. After checking in,instant notificationsare sent out to receiving departments and all those who need to be alerted about the arrival of the patient.

Integrates with Existing Systems
ePortID™ will integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing systems preventing data re-entry and expensive infrastructure alterations. Our system complements existing structures and provides revenue-generating value.

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ePortID™ Patient Identification Health Care Solutions

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