Biometric Identification Integrative Solutions
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ePortID™ Identifies and Verifies the Biometrics of an Individual for Access into Existing Systems

Accurate and Precise Identification
ePortID™ is a Biometric Identification System utilizing various biometric technologies (such as Palm Vein, Iris, and Facial Recognition) to identify an individual beyond a reasonable doubt. Our biometric technology has a false positive ratio of 0.00008 percent.

Quick and Easy To Use
We provide simple and easy to use interfaces that are customizable to your requirements. The interfaces are tailored to increase throughput and provide ease of use. Identifications and verifications of individuals are completed within seconds.

Share Biometric Templates Across Your Enterprise
Our cloud-based solution provides storage and backup of all enrolled biometric templates that enable clients to add personnel to the system in one location and distribute throughout the entire organization.

Integrates with Existing Systems
ePortID™ will integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing systems preventing data re-entry and expensive infrastructure alterations. Our systems are designed to enhance current capabilities and provide revenue-generating value.

Access Control
When installed at a location with a pre-existing Access Control System, ePortID™ adds an extra level of security by applying a biometric measure as an additional identity factor prior to entry. When an access card is scanned using a pre-existing card reader, the data is sent to ePortID™ prompting personnel to provide a biometric sample. If confirmed, the card data is passed to the Access Control System that determines whether or not a person may enter. ePortID™ can integrate with any other type of identification input collection device or can eliminate identity cards altogether reducing overall expense of issuing identification cards.

Health Care
The accurate identification of patients is crucial to provide the correct treatment to the correct patient and to reduce medical fraud. With ePortID™, hospitals will save money, eliminate duplicate medical records and medical overlaps and identical name problems. To learn more about ePortID™ in healthcare, go to our Health Care Technology Solutions page.

Mobile Identification
ePortID™ is able to identify and verify a person's identity anywhere at anytime bringing technology to the individual instead of the individual to the technology. Using our cloud-based solutions, ePortID™ is even able to exist outside of internal networks utilizing mobile network connections and other external networks.

Other Applications
There are many other applications for this technology. Whether it be providing a secure interface to a pre-existing system or as a means of payment using a biometric signature, ePortID™ is capable of being incorporated into many different solutions.

ePortId Product Image with Palm Secure and Eyeglance
ePortID™ Personnel Identification and Verification

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