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PalmClock™ Time & Attendance for the 21'st Century

What is PalmClock™?
Simply put it’s the fastest, most efficient, easiest to use time and attendance system in the world. PalmClock™ is an automated set of flexible tools for time and attendance management.

The advanced biometric identification system ensures accuracy and provides single, real time solution that simplifies the management of your workforce. Automatically capture and calculate straight time and overtime and integrate with existing payroll systems.

How Does It Work?
Palm vein scanning uses near infrared light (about the same intensity as a TV remote) to take a “picture” of the vein patterns in the hand unique to every individual, including identical twins. They cannot be faked.

The pattern of the veins is translated into an encrypted number and matched in a database to confirm the identity of the individual. It’s very accurate (99.99998%).

Using the Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology coupled with innovative software from ePortation, PalmClock™ provides a total solution for time and attendance and workforce management giving enterprises the ability to fine-tune their access policies to meet the reality of their environment.

Where can I use PalmClock™?
It can be used in schools, hospitals, offices, on factory floors, at outside turnstiles and gate entrances. It can be used at remote job sites, oil rigs, construction sites, temporary encampment sites or even forward operating bases in fact anywhere you need to record activity.

No Fooling
PalmClock™ can’t be spoofed or fooled. No more lost or shared ID cards, no more buddy punching or late arrivals, long lunch hours or early departures.

Reduce operational expense and increase profit with PalmClock™, the 21’st century time and attendance solution for today’s workplace.

It’s Fast
How fast? Simply place your hand on the scanner and in less than two seconds identity is verified and the information made available in real time.

One size doesn’t fit all. PalmClock™ adapts to your needs and requirements. A simple interface that lets you turn features on or off means you can configure the solution to adapt to your reality. We think software should adapt to users not the other way around!

Easy To Use
We have been building successful tactical operations solutions for over a decade. We know what works. PalmClock™ is easy to use with practical interfaces to make the administration simple, intuitive and easily configured to meet your needs.

Total mobility in the Cloud
ePortation has been building cloud based solutions for complex environments since 2002 before anyone knew there was a “cloud” there. We have the experience and we know what works.

PalmClock™ is totally mobile and can be used with tablets or laptops. This lets you move the technology to off site locations anywhere in the world.

All activity can be viewed and accessed through a secure web interface. All activity is captured and displayed from all locations in real time and, using GPS, can be mapped and viewed using a secure and encrypted web site.

PalmClock™ is very flexible and can easily integrate with other in house legacy systems such as payroll and HR and even other workforce management systems.

Any solution you buy should pay for itself. PalmClock™ rapidly gives a return on investment. Real time visibility into labor activity from a single, integrated solution gives you the accurate data needed to make decisions that impact budgets and productivity.

In addition it removes the burden from the payroll department of manual collection of information and re-keying into separate systems.

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ePortID™ Personnel Identification and Verification

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