Security Management Cloud-Based Solutions
ePortPass™ Increases Security Operational Efficiency
Cost-Saving Benefits:
Fully-Customizable solution tailored to meet any specific requirement
Evolves with the ever-changing requirements of real-world operational environments
Increases efficiency by lessening the amount of work necessary for filling out a report (many reports are auto-generated based on activity)
Reduces malicious activity by verifying a person's identity in the field
Reduce the dependency on paper and relieve your organization of its high expense
Close expensive security gaps and adjust protocol
plus, many more...

ePortPass Product Image with Comcam Security Cameras
ePortPass™ Security Operational Managment
Powerful Features:
Feature ePortPass™
Surveillance Cameras Yes
Sensor Technology Yes
Incident Management Yes
Alert System Yes
Personnel Management Yes
Security Reporting Yes
User Permission Settings Yes
Cloud-based Solution Yes
Completely Mobile Yes

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