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ePortation™ is a software company specializing in logistics.
• Mission Statement
Our mission is the delivery ofcommon sense; real-time tools built from the ground upto reflect the real needs of end users in busy operational environments. It isn't about technology; it's about what the technology does. Does itsolve the problemin a common sense way?

We believe systems shouldadaptto the user, instead of the user adapting to the system. Our flexible andadaptablesolutions quickly match changes in requirements and circumstances.

Purposed to leverage thepower of mobilitywe transform business by flattening the gathering and distribution of information across the enterprise in real-time. Employees are empowered to assess the environment and make good decisions at the point of event.

We put thatpowerin the hands of the end user. We make the processes better, more efficient, and more profitable. We enable organizations to publish,shareand discover information in a timely manner.

Our ground up approach usinginformaticsinvolves end users at the beginning of the process, maximizing the effectiveness of the delivered product. All they want is something that works!

• Business Model
We believe in long-term business relationships. As a trusted supplier of services to our clients we work with them and understand what their world really looks like.

We do not have a version 1, 2, 3, or 4, no seat licenses or transaction fees. We have oneliving systemthat grows, adapts and rapidly satisfies the changing needs of your business.

We flatten the cost and transform it from a capital investment to anoperating expenseby charging a low quarterly fee designed to provide rapid ROI. Our service adapts the software to meet your requirements as your business evolves.

Think of us as an employee who works24/7/365and whose only aim is to constantlyimproveand provide better service.

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ePortation™ Field Work Hard Hat

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