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ePortation™ is a Real-Time Cloud-Based Logistics Software Platform

Cloud-Based Platform
Our topology consists of thin-client interfaces securely communicating with backend servers. Data is stored and protected in the cloud and shared among all of the users in a permission oriented environment.

Real-Time Visibility
ePortation™ operates in real-time (utilizing a Cloud computing model), validating user activity every step of the way ensuring costly mistakes are caught immediately rather than propegating into an expensive problem.

Flexible, Scalable, Customizable, and Adaptable
Our platform is flexible to allow for the various complicated details that face real-world environments, scales up with an organization, fully customizable to meet any requirement, and adapts to process alterations.

Rules and Policies
Validation upon action is a keystone in the foundation of this platform. Ensuring good data is crucial to running an efficient operation. We help to reduce garbage into the system, so that garbage does not come out. Rules and policies are dictated by the customer and by the best practices of the various industries. All of which are fully-customizable.

Cost Savings and Revenue Production
Increasing revenue & productivity and eliminating waste & expense is the main purpose of this platform. Companies that have used our solutions have benefited financially and have grown their business & retained their customers by meeting changing requirements & providing additional value.

It's All Logisitics
ePortation™ at its core is a logistics software platform designed to handle pieces of information moving throughout the system validating movements at every interchange. These generic logisitic principles can be applied across several industries in many different ways.

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ePortation™ Logistics Software Platform

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