Patient Biometric Identification Healthcare Solutions
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ePortID™ True Patient Identity Verification
Cost-Saving Benefits:
Links to patient records in real-time
Link multiple locations together in real-time
Fully-Customizable solution tailored to meet any specific requirement
Evolves with the ever-changing requirements of real-world operational environments
Ensures the right patient is receiving the right care
Reduces fraud by verifying the patient's identity
Increases patient throughput, and generates more revenue
Prevents inefficient re-keying of data
Provides legible information, reducing the time it takes to decipher written information; increasing hospital personnel productivity
Reduce dependency on expensive paper-based processes
Track patients as they move around the hospital
Identify patients prior to treatment anywhere, anytime throughout the facility
plus, many more...
ePortId Product Image with Kiosk
ePortID™ Patient Identification Health Care Solutions
Powerful Features:
Feature ePortID™
Multiple Language Options Yes
Mobile Identification and Verifications Yes
Integrates with Pre-Existing Systems Yes
Sends Out Notifications upon Patient Check-in Yes
Enrollment Interface Yes
Identification/Verification Interface Yes
User Permission Settings Yes
Advertisement Space Available Yes
Cloud Sharing and Storage of Biometrics Templates Yes
Simple Easy-to-Use Kiosk Touch-Screen Interface Yes
Management and Searching Interface of Patient Enrollments Yes
Photo Identification Yes

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