Biometric Identification Cloud-Based Solutions
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ePortID™ enhances identification integrity with savings
Cost-Saving Benefits:
Fully-Customizable solution tailored to meet any specific requirement
Evolves with the ever-changing requirements of real-world operational environments
Ensures the right personnel is granted the right access securing locations from unauthorized personnel
Reduces fraud by verifying a person's identity
Share biometric templates across an enterprise eliminating multiple enrollments
Reduce the dependency on paper and relieve your organization of its high expense
Badges are an optional expense
plus, many more...

ePortId Product Image with Palm Secure and Eyeglance
ePortID™ Personnel Identification and Verification
Powerful Features:
Feature ePortID™
Multiple Language Options Yes
Mobile Identification and Verifications Yes
Integrates with Pre-Existing Systems Yes
Sends Out Notifications Yes
Enrollment Interface Yes
Identification/Verification Interface Yes
User Permission Settings Yes
Advertisement Space Available Yes
Cloud Sharing and Storage of Biometrics Templates Yes
Simple Easy-to-Use Kiosk Touch-Screen Interface Yes
Management and Searching Interface of Personnel Enrollments Yes
Photo Identification Yes

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