Philadelphia International Airport/
Securing The Tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport

ePortation™ Solution
The Philadelphia International Airport identified the need to increase the security on the airfield. They wanted an identity verification system for the open space on the tarmac. ePortID™ has been selected by the PHL Airport to provide mobile capabilities to identify personnel on the Airport Operations Area (AOA) integrating data currently stored in their access control system.

Enhances Security
By securing the tarmac, the problem of unauthorized individuals tampering with baggage or equipment, or sneaking onto an airplane is greatly reduced.

Mobile Zone Control
With ePortID™, PHL Airport is able to create secure zones on the tarmac, on the fly (whenever & wherever), without the expensive creation of additional fence line and be able to secure areas where fence line would be impossible to construct.

ePortId Product Image with Palm Secure and Eyeglance
ePortID™ Personnel Identification and Verification

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