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ePortation™ Solution
Einstein Healthcare Network needed to increasepatient safetyand reduce medical fraud. To solve that problem we apply ourBiometric Identification Solution, ePortID™, to provide true patient identity integrity using palm vein scanning.

Increase Patient Throughput
Patients use a touch-screen kiosk to check into the hospital. This dramatically reduces time and errors from expensive, inefficient paper based forms that require manual entry by the front desk into hospital systems. Instant notifications are sent out to all parties concerned, reducing the time it takes tomove the patient through the process of receiving care increasing the utilization of doctors and equipment and volume throughput.

Reduce Medical Fraud
Sharing or theft of medical cards or other forms of identity used to obtain medical services fraudulently is virtually eliminated. As soon as a patient is enrolled in ePortID™ the ability to defraud insurance companies or hospitals is reduced to no afalse positive ratio of 0.00008%. This significantly reduces costs for medical networks and providers of medical services.

Providing the Right Care to the Right Patient
OurBiometric Identification Solution is completely mobile. Care givers canbring our solution to the patientat bedside or scan at any location, anytime within the hospital to confirm the right treatment or medication is being provided. This increases patient safety and reduces errors and liability.

Eliminates Paperwork Redundacy
Anytime a patient fills out a form, whether for registration, check-ins, or information updates, that data has to be deciphered, re-keyed, and filed at the very least. The time it takes to complete these various tasks costs hospitals money. Enabling patients using our secure bio-metrically controlled interfaces to enter in information themselves provides the back-end hospital systems with accurate, validated data. With ePortID™, Einstein Healthcare Network eliminates time wasting tasks that results invast savings.

Enhance Employee Efficiency
When employees are not tasked with redundant data entry their time is freed up to helping those in need and moving patients more efficiently through the hospital. Our solution allows employees to concentrate on the important task of providing care and makes the servicesmoother and more productive

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ePortID™ Patient Identification Health Care Solutions

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