Photos of Port Operations Using Pass & Stow
Pass & Stow™ has many cost-saving Benefits and powerful Features
Cost-Saving Benefits:
Fully-Customizable solution tailored to meet any specific requirement
Evolves with the ever-changing requirements of real-world operational environments
Provides real-time global visibility to your organization and to your customers
Your customers can answer their own questions reducing the strain on your company
Your customers have the ability to populate your system with bookings and bills of lading minimizing workload
Catch errors in real-time before they build up into an expensive ordeal
Reduce fines by complying with government regulations
Reduce dependency on paper and the high cost associated with it
Track days-on-terminal to accurately bill customers
Monitor reefer temperatures to prevent expensive cargo spoilage
plus, many more...
Cargo Flow Management Diagram
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Powerful Features:
Feature Pass & Stow™
Real-Time In Transit Visibility Yes
Operational Mobility Yes
Totally Mobile Yes
Real-Time Gate Management Yes
Eliminate Paperwork Yes
Mobile TIR/Dock Receipt Printing Yes
Receive and Dispatch All Types Of Containers Yes
Receive and Dispatch Breakbulk Yes
Receive and Dispatch Neo-Bulk Yes
Receive and Dispatch RoRo Yes
Capture Hazmat Information Yes
Automatic Dangerous Goods Manifest Creation Yes
Real-Time Equipment Inventory Yes
Receive and Dispatch LTL Yes
Mobile Warehouse Management Yes
Mobile Record of Container Stuffing and Unstuffing Yes
Record Pallet Creation and Knockdown Yes
Mobile Bar Code Printing Yes
Real Time Dockside Load and Discharge Management Yes
Receive or Upload Booking and Manifest Information Yes
Automatic Conversion to and from Imperial or Metric Yes
Multiple Language Capability Yes
Sends out EDI/EDIFACT Messages on Cargo Movement Yes
Create and Customize Reports Detailing Activity at the Gate Yes
Create and Customize Reports Detailing Cargo Handled Within the System Yes
Allows Your Customers Visibility & Access Into The System Based On Permission Settings Yes
and much, Much more Yes

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